How to become an AiCar user?

Who can become an AiCar user?

You must be at least 21 years old, you must have a driver's license and driving experience of at least 2 years.

How to become an AiCar user?

You need to register at www.aicar.ge or in the AiCar application and receive an SMS confirming that you have been accepted into the service. The consideration period is no more than 2 hours during working hours (from 10.00 to 19.00 on weekdays), but in rare cases it can take up to several days.

What documents I need for registration?

Requirements for registration: age from 21 years, driving experience from 2 years.

To join the service you need to have an identity document (passport, id), driver's license and a bank card. You also need to attach a few photos:

- Photo of the front page of id/passport with photo

- Photo of the back side of the id or passport page with registration

- Selfie with a passport (photo, which shows the face of the user with an open document)

- Photo of driver's license

What documents will be needed for foreign citizens registration?

For foreign citizens the registration rules are the same as for Georgian citizens.

How to use the AiCar service?

Where can I download the AiCar app?

Just enter AiCar in the search of the AppStore or Google Play.

Where do I get the car key?

The car opens and closes through a mobile application. The key is already inside the car.

Where are the documents?

All documents are in the glove compartment of the car.


How to book a car?

Through the AiCar mobile app. The first 10 minutes of booking are free, each next minute is charged according to the base tariff.

Should an AiCaruser pay for city ground parking and special parking with barriers?

AiCar takes over the payment of municipal open paid parking. Closed parking lots (shopping centers, hotels, theaters) are paid separately, it is prohibited to complete the rent on them.

Who should charge the car?

If the charging level of the car fell below 30% during your trip, we will ask you to complete the lease near the charging station and put the car on charge.

If the “ Recharge ” button is not displayed on the active lease screen, then you do not need to go to the electric charging station. If you see such button, you need to click on it, select a convenient charging station and follow the instructions of the application. Upon arrival at the station, insert the charging cable into the car and click on the “Start charging” button. If something went wrong or you have any questions, please contact us by phone +995 322 110 499.

What if the charging level of the car fell below 30% during my trip, but I do not have time to drive the car to the nearest charging station?

That is ok. We will do it ourselves, but we will ask you to pay a service fee of 10 GEL.

Who washes the car?

AiCar. During the inspection, you can tell us that the car is dirty. In this case we will put it in order faster. Self washing is not compensable.


Who pays the fines?

The driver. The police send all the fines to us, we redirect them to the user. Responsibility for the violation lies with the driver.

Are AiCar cars insured?

All cars are fully insured. In the event of an accident, User is responsible for the deductible. In case of an accident that occurred due to your fault with damage up to 5000 GEL, you pay the amount of damage, but not more than 1000 GEL. In case the damage exceeds 5000 GEL, you pay 1000 GEL plus 15% of the amount of damage.

Force Majeure

What to do if there are things left in the car?

Contact us by number +995 322 110 499.

What to do in case of an accident?

In the event of an accident, park, following the rules of the road traffic regulations, do not leave the area of the accident, if necessary, turn on the alarm. Be sure to call the contact center at the number +995 322 110 499 and follow the instructions of the operator.

I can not open or close the car door, what to do?

Check your internet connection and try a few more times. If you still can not open or close the door, contact us at the number +995 322 110 499.

What if the car broke down?

Contact us by number +995 322 110 499.

Information about the car

What cars does AiCar provide?

One of our goals is to improve the environmental situation in the country, so we have completely switched from the use of gasoline cars in favor of electric ones.

Our fleet consists of electric Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe cars.

We also care about the comfort and safety of our customers, so all cars are equipped with air conditioning and security system.